Would You Like To… Live By Your Values?
Would You Like To… Live By Your Values?

Would You Like To… Live By Your Values?

We love to follow rules, don’t we? Our whole lives – societal, professional…We are constantly having to think about what sits well and what doesn’t. We can get so easily hooked on others validation. It’s how we do things. But maybe we should be focussed on our values rather than following the rules of others.

Questions To Ask Before Making A List of Your Core Values and Beliefs 

  1. What’s your relationship to time? What is your relationship to each day? How do you measure time?  Does it help you organise your life? 
  • What’s your relationship with uncertainty? What level of certainty do you rely on? Do you need to normalise experience, or do you like a walk on the wild side ?
  • What pace do you like to live? Do you like it measured or is ‘fast and thrilling’ more your thing?
  • How do you relate to the idea of community …Do you seek out solitude or do you like to be part of a group? What do you understand by that? Are you interested in people as individuals or do you like bringing them together?
  • How do you listen to people? Do you make space for listening or do you prefer short and to the point commnication?
  • How do you relate to compassion? ‘All very nice but who’s got time for that?’ Are you a ‘sit and be’ person? Are you a ‘go out and get em’ person? Is being grounded and peaceful important or busy and feeling full?
  • What’s your relationship with income and service to others? 
  • What kind of people do you want to attract in business?
  • What place does permission play in your business life? Is it an essential part of your interactions with others? What mechanisms do you use? Do you prefer taking a chance and reaching out to someone you never met? Do you have conversations with others to help build strategy? Do you want business to come from conversations? Do you wait for others, or do you like to ‘go get ‘em’?
  1. What business systems are you drawn to –  opportunity driven, collaboration focussed, mutually beneficial relationships, wellbeing conscious working conditions? Streamlined, business focussed, tribe oriented, high intensity work settings?

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