Would You Like To…Improve Confidence?
Would You Like To…Improve Confidence?

Would You Like To…Improve Confidence?

The last year we have seen that when we are confined, we can become more aware of our thoughts. Our inner critic, the gremlin that pays us a visit to tell us how crap we are, can really do a number on how we feel about ourselves. But we can tune out or even turn down the negative stories the gremlin tells us. We can:

Be aware of where we are…Note the number of times we are trying to alter what is in the future or what we did on the past. We can stay in the moment.

Be aware of negative stories we tell ourselves…Try approaching each event with an open mind. When the gremlin starts in, become a detective. Check out the real facts. For example, ‘I lost that client…I’m a failure.’ Write down the facts only of what happened and ask yourself the question. ‘Am I though?’

Reality Check…Now we can make a list of the negative aspects of what we did and the positives. Using the previous example, we can also ask questions like ‘Did I lose the client?’ ‘Was I suited to the client?’ ‘Was the client suited to me?’ ‘What’s the learning here?’ ‘How can I take this forward?’

People that learn can’t be failures…Simple fact: If we are learning we are making progress. If we are making progress, we are showing COURAGE. We are LIONS.

Getting the learning down…When we access the learning we need to become stronger we continue to evolve. This is the point where the gremlin does not really have much to say. The more you go through the process the less the gremlin will grumble. Give it some straw and a cup a soup and tell it to go chill in the corner.

Keep bringing attention to the wins…Each of us are skillful beings, with the tremendous capacity to evolve, adapt, strengthen and grow. We could keep a journal to count the wins and bring a positive attention to the things we do well. We can be kind to our inner gremlin, give it love and warmth and creme egg, but make it clear that theres a positive sense of confidence in charge of things here. We should be KIND, we should be COURAGEOUS, we are LIONS.

May we be happy

May we be healthy

May we be free from worry.

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