Would You Like To….Ask For Help?

The last year we have been forced into moments of isolation. We have become more caught up in our own heads. In this state it is harder to reach out. But we can use the following steps to help free us and reconnect with others. We can: 

Become aware of being caught up in ourselves…Practice noticing our emotional state. We can set a reminder on our phones with the question ‘How far inside my own head am I right now?’

Recognise barriers to reaching out…Once we are aware of where we’re at, we can investigate a little more. We can become a detective.I favour being Poirot as I want to use his flourishing gestures, but you may have another in mind. We may say, ‘What is it I’m caught up in? It is worry…what are my current worries?’ then we can make a list of those preoccupations: ‘I need more clients, I feel like COVID may never end…’- whatever it may be.

Allow ourselves to imagine the person/entity/group we want to connect with …Now we can make a list of those people (friends, partner, family members, colleagues…), or entity (G-d, Buddha, Allah….) or support group (Fibromyalgia, Depression, Business Alliance, Education/NHS…) that can help. We can ask questions like ‘Who does my gut most want?’ ‘Who can be of help right now?’ ‘What do I want from their advice’ ‘Who will empathise most?’ ‘Whose learning can I use best?’

We can ask ourselves the question ‘What do I need most?’…Boil down our need to a simple statement. Then call upon the COURAGE to take the next steps. Remember we are LIONS.

We can rehearse what to say and imagine life after getting their help… First, we practice the statements or questions to ask the other. The more we practice, the easier it will be when the moment comes. Then we can have a reward for making it this far- I’ll have a Lion Bar.

Now we reach out to the person/entity/support group knowing each step is covered, knowing we have a plan…Each of us are skilful beings, with the tremendous capacity to evolve, adapt, strengthen and grow. In this mindset we are ready to ask for help. We can recognise our need. We can honour and reward our intention to grow with self-acknowledgment and a Lion Bar. We can remember there’s a positive sense of confidence when we ask for help. We are KIND, we are COURAGEOUS, we are LIONS.

May we be happy

May we be healthy

May we be free from worry.

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