‘What do I do with my dog after lockdown?’                             Personal reflection about work, uncertainty and the pandemic.
‘What do I do with my dog after lockdown?’ Personal reflection about work, uncertainty and the pandemic.

‘What do I do with my dog after lockdown?’ Personal reflection about work, uncertainty and the pandemic.

For years I wanted a dog but was always working in schools. After my health collapsed I became virtually housebound however, and I reviewed the situation.  Initial investigations showed French Bulldogs were the perfect match as they needed minimum walking. However, a friend of mine informed me about how they were overbred and suffer from health difficulties. As a man who has sinus issues, pains in my hips and limited mobility myself (at that point I could only walk for 20 minutes a day) I decided against it. 

“Why not get a retired greyhound?” my friend asked. 

I investigated and liked what I read. Turned out Greys have beautiful temperament, and ex racers going into retirement need minimum (well more no like desire for) exercise.  However,  my ancient cat Pink Nose was not a sharer by nature, so I decided to wait until a time he would not be available for comment or be able to protest by acts of peeing (or pooping) 

Enter stage right COVID, goddess of uncertainty and we were all plunged into anxiety and dealing with loss on a global scale. None of us saw it coming and I suppose this is the nature of uncertainty. A ‘boom’ industry during lockdown was dog ownership. Small, expensive, yappy ones the flavour du jour and a lot of very cute Frenchies (bulldogs) were bought as well.  Many of us working from home and struggling with being housebound needed to nurture something. 

Being housebound by then I had intimate knowledge of…bloody fibromyalgia – excuse my language.  I didn’t imagine the whole nation could be as housebound as I was …the catastrophic face of uncertainty again. 

But uncertainty is more..well…unpredictable than that.

Last October poor old Pink Nose completed his earthly journey.  Didn’t see that coming either. My partner and I scanned rescue centres and took in a beautiful 3 year old greyhound called Albert. From day one it was love.  Didn’t see that coming either. Uncertainty means the positive as well as the catastrophic.

Another surprise that October was a courseI  attended. As a result I recovered significantly from the effects of Fibromyalgia. I’m now about  80 percent free of the chronic physical symptoms that had plagued me for well over a decade. I still have to take meds but hey, who’s complaining? Small price to pay. Not in a million years could I have imagined such recovery possible…..Uncertainty it seems means the miraculous as well as the positive. 

And isn’t this the truth about uncertainty? Excuse my language but we think we know everything about everything but, in reality we don’t know s… about s…. And what we don’t know can be positive or negative.

And we don’t need to know either. We only think we do. Demanding certainty  is just a futile attempt by our species to exert control over our surroundings. Reality is that pandemics strike, or people recover from chronic/destructive physical conditions. Accepting uncertainty is all. All things flow from that. That’s what I have learned

There is a final irony. One that makes my heart break. 

A year and a bit into the pandemic, rescue centres such as the one Albert comes from, are reporting an increase in Frenchies being taken in.


Owners hadn’t  realised the price of medical upkeep for these beautiful/overbred animals . So the same people who had hoped to give puppies a certain start in life have had to plunge these same dogs into uncertainty.  As we head towards July 19th and are being encouraged by the government to support their lie of ‘normality’, it might be worth thinking about this.

What will happen to all the other lockdown dogs?

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Are we in a position to nurture at the moment and what has the last year taught us? Answers on an email  to…

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  1. Jen

    Thankyou fir sharing Neil. The joy of having Albert Cheered me right up. The shame of how uncertainty has played itself out on into the rescue centres is a very sad one. I am pleased you have not had to make that decision. X

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