Wellbeing: Where Are We Now – A Personal Reflection
Wellbeing: Where Are We Now – A Personal Reflection

Wellbeing: Where Are We Now – A Personal Reflection

Mental health is high on people’s agenda again and I have questions!

When it comes to positive wellbeing maybe it’s time for a shake-up. It worries me that we seem to be returning to the same way of living we had pre-pandemic. What if that was causing the problem? Well, if it was, we’re going to get unstuck.  

I’m wondering if it is healthy to be living at such a breakneck speed. I can’t think straight when I do. And surely this just encourages us to be reactive, to get stuck in ‘fight, flight, freeze,’ mode?  Cue massive amounts of cortisol and a complete inability to live a creative life. 

And this notion of ‘keep smashing it’ that we all seem to be so fond of. Smashing what exactly? Seems to me it doesn’t really matter. As long as there are things for us to keep ‘smashing’ it gives us the illusion of control. 

Same with being ‘busy.’ What are we so busy doing? Do we keep finding things to make our lives busy with? What happens if we stand still? Is it a pleasant experience?

We can’t and don’t have control over our lives – not in a major way. Surely the pandemic is showing us that. And yes, we need to be organised and have schedules, but are we avoiding facing up to the truth of our lives? 

What if our negative wellbeing experiences aren’t about what we do, but are a result of the system we’re living in?

We seem to be at a crossroads right now… 

What do I think?

I think we need to slow the hell down. Really slow down. Slow down and make other people’s expectations slow down too. Work and creative outlets are fantastic. It is also necessary for most of us to work, even if we have survived traumatic working conditions. But these things are not our whole story. 

I think we should leave tasks that take up the wrong kind of space Anything that’s a ‘should’ do is always a losing proposition. Doing things because we think we ‘should,’ never creates positive wellbeing for anyone. There are moral obligations enough that need attention- they can fill the space where ‘shoulds’ used to be. 

And this thing about time? There is no such thing as wasting time. Time is neutral, time constantly moves forward. Whatever we do with our lives, time goes its own way, doing its own thing, oblivious to us. We’re really not that important in the cosmic context of things. And what a relief that is!

I think we should stop trying to predict the future. COVID should have taught us this as well. Let’s focus on the here and now. That’s all there is. It’s all we can know for sure. 

Still with me? 

Great J

I have other questions too…

  • Why do we work longs hours when it causes physical and mental distress? Should we not seek out healthy work conditions even if we are told ‘you’ll never get better hours’ ?
  • Why do we take up rigid positions with each other resulting in reactive decisions? These impact negatively on our wellbeing. Surely a compassionate stance would keep us all healthier? 
  • Is it time to put physical health – blood pressure, eyesight, hearing, mobility, and such- make these things our top priorities?
  • Should we stop seeking the advice of others and start trusting our own instincts more?

My Personal Wellbeing Questions

  1. What would my life be like if I brought five per cent more of my core values to the work I do?  
  2. How will my life change as I recover from PTSD and fibromyalgia
  3. What will happen if self-care practice becomes my default position for day to day living?
  4. How can I change the world?    

What are you going to do? it’s all to play for…


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