Tools for Uncertain Times

EXPERIMENT ONE: Meet criticism with compassion.

EXPERIMENT TWO: Meet pain, limitation or uncertainty with compassionate questions.


1. Get comfy, close eyes

2. Take deep breaths

3. Get in touch with current existence.

4. Imagine self in 20 years time.

5. Connect to how self feels now.

6. Imagine the kindness and guidance the 20 years older self can offer.

7. Connect their words to how it feels right now.

(Adapted from Tara brach, Radical Compassion P.46)

EXPERIMENT FOUR: To meet the pandemic with our ‘soul force.’ (Ghandi, Jack Kornfield).

EXPERIMENT FIVE: Arriving at a feeling of safety by reciting “May I be happy, may I be at ease…” and emptying my mind of other stuff for one minute and then building up as week goes on. ( Adapted from Tara Brach, True Refuge, P.11-12)

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