Success In Uncertain Times

As restrictions for lockdown ease I’m finding myself asking what success might look like in 2021. I am wondering what would happen if I widened the frame to encompass current conditions more fully.

I could gain new perspective. 

I might ordinarily measure success by stories published, number of clients gained, turnover…but, this year might need a different focus.

Surely my first measurement of success during a pandemic needs to be health. I have lost friends in the last year. Others I am close to are experiencing physical difficulty. So success first and foremost might be about me managing to be here, be well, have a robust immune system. 

It might be the ultimate success in 2021….maybe for any year. 

Then there is my ability to relate to others. I am finding lockdown and the economic downturn has triggered PTSD as well as an accelerated presence of my inner critic. 

Given the pervasiveness of both these symptoms, success  this year might be tending to them  kindly, and remembering who I am and what I can achieve.

2021 needs to be about sensing my ability and being kind in the face of trauma. 

If I am successful in maintaining this level of positive wellbeing I will look at other areas . I would like to match the number of clients  I gained last year and have a decent turn over- or build on last years achievement even!

But more than that, I want to stand by my core values- pursuing selling and business methods that feel respectful and equitable.

I would like to be kind to others, consistent in my execution and energy of the business plan and patient enough to wait for results.

These would be the key ingredients for success in 2021.

And what would be my ultimate evidence?

Setting less goals and concentrating more fully on the tasks I choose to do…..

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