Coaching helps ask the questions,  enables you to set targets and identify the resources needed  to reach them. By integrating  mindfulness into the process the experience can also help build longer lasting resilience for the individual being coached. Coaching can take place in person or online.

Ethical Business Workshops

Trying to do the right thing in business is not always easy  with the best intentions in the world. Our workshops combine deep questioning and coaching techniques to help managers and business owners reflect on their practice and plan for an ethical approach to become a driver toward productivity.


Lifecoach London workshops  are designed for children and adults. They aim to help enhance, educate and foster the curiosity that enables individuals live happily and successfully.


Making the right choice

At Lifecoach London we know clients needs are not identical. We aim to provide the service that will best suit you.

Ask For Our Expertise

Please  contact us whether you are curious or wish to seek advice. We  love talking to new people as well as working with established clients.


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