How You Digging Yourself Out of this?

Today I wanted to share recent feedback I received from a client (with their permission obviously). I was having a low day when it arrived. My imposter syndrome was giving a virtuoso performance and I was feeling unresourced to the task of bringing in new business throughout the current climate. The generosity of the words, and she is a person with enormous amounts of courage and resilience, lifted me out of the fog and reminded me there are wonderful feats of growth in each of us, me included!

“I can see my future more clearly” she writes, “and what I need to do/change to get there…. I know the values I want to live by and as a result … I feel like I know myself better and I can be myself more.

Neil has been fantastic throughout…his insightfulness…came at a perfect time when I was going through a life change…”

“The way Neil approaches the sessions is perfect…I like his openness, his flexibility, his ability to turn his hand towards anything I bring up with him, even if veering off topic. He has a vast knowledge of subjects whether it’s academic process, models or the more spiritual side of things, which made me feel safe and reassured with whatever I brought up with him. He also has a range of learning styles and methods…whether it’s reading a particular book or taking some time for mindfulness and visualisation.”

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