Going The Extra Mile

We are currently being asked by life circumstances to tap into inner reserves and keep going. We are truly having to ‘go the extra mile.’ Every day.

Being in this situation has caused me to think about the number of times in my working past that the phrase has been used as a hollow manipulative ploy to plug gaps in the workplace and force workers to take up the tasks there is no capacity for. This cynical view of workplace loyalty as employed by wellbeing-averse organisations has been a blight on the ethical landscape of this country. They are like the friends who only call when they need a place to crash. 

Well, now we all in need of a place to crash and there is no room in our lives for pushing workers too far and jeopardising their already compromised wellbeing. There is only room in the workplace for compassion- from all levels of management and staff. If we do not consider the question, “How are you?”  we are not able to support those who have been ill, those who are dealing with illness of experiencing bereavement. There are also those who attempt to put the collapse of a marriage say to one side, or the pain of feeling like an imposter in the work they do.

Life is now truly precious. As it always was, had we but taken the time to see it.

We need to reach out to each other. 

The ‘wake up call’ offered by the pandemic has already reached the consciousness of some organisations. But the culture of the country in general is still to point fingers, even at those who are putting their health on the line every day, and we make judgments rather than offering compassion and appreciation. 

The computer and phone have become our portals to connect with others for such a long time now. 

As we approach (fingers crossed) a season of being able to mingle a little more, it might be worth considering how each of us is already going ‘the extra mile.’ To offer deep listening to others and experience the joy and gratitude for whatever they bring. To allow some playfulness in our connections- for in playfulness curiosity, the power to make informed decisions and connectivity arise. We can spare thinking and compassion for those who have no work.

Our journey right now is uncertain. But it always was. We can ‘go the extra mile’ for each other and support each other in doing it. 

We can stop pointing fingers at others and feeling inadequate about ourselves as a result. We can dare to be humble.


Is it just me?

What are you experiencing?

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