Give Away Top Tips: 3 Steps to Increase Happiness

In times when there is less to celebrate it becomes important to engage with happiness. Although this is one emotion of many and is not the answer all problems as many self-improvement books claim, it is possible to find it more often.

STEP ONE: Stop whatever you are doing!!!! Take five minutes to sit still, focus on your breath or anything that stops the mind from ticking over. Find something to concentrate on that slows down thoughts.

STEP TWO: Make a list of 10 things that make you feel happy. Anything from 3 week holidays in chilled spots to watching the clear night sky through the bedroom window…a damn fine cuppa coffee…the smell of pink pepper (that’s one of mine) …anything that brings a smile or  starts an endorphin boost.

STEP THREE: Put a reminder on your phone to look at the list daily, and to take part in an activity from it. If you are not able to do them think of a time when you did. The aim is to get the happy chemicals inside the body rushing around the body. If the day is more difficult, go for the smaller items on the list and spend at least 5 minutes doing/ thinking about it. The harder the day the more time its worth spending doing it. 

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