Finding A New Career: My Story

I became a Transformational Coach at a crossroads moment in my life. My health was compromised, I was living with Fibromyalgia and all the attendant symptoms. I was in a career that was crushing me until so unwell, I had to leave the job. The institution offered an NDA to silence any future legal protests I might want to create.

I had to build myself from the ground up. Little did I realise I was already working on the plan that would transform my life.

I visualised my ideal work life, health and happiness.  I asked myself what would make feel most aligned to my moral purpose and how would I do it. After researching I decided being a Transformational Coach was the answer.  I looked for a course that would align closely with my mindfulness practice and beliefs. I found the Transformational Diploma ran by Catalyst 14. I had already done all this before the trauma of my final months in Education. The day after I left, I applied for the diploma.

I let my vulnerability show to those around me. Rather than push them away I stayed grounded and honest. I was moved by the generous support they offered (and still do). David Elliott at EBA helped me set up my own business, Life Coaching London Ltd. One close friend bought me a domain name, website space and email address to get me up and running. My partner gave me the freedom to follow my own nose, something that had always landed me in shtuck as we say in Yiddish, working in schools. 

I started the course which was rigorous (one of the reasons I wanted to do it) and recognised and administrated by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council. I met new kinds of people- those that shared my sense of purpose and outlook. Even as I was learning to work with clients in the throes of imposter syndrome I was experiencing those symptoms myself. Always one for a bit of ‘physician heal thyself’ I took on the job of coaching myself through this period of transition and transformation. I passed the course at practitioner level.

I began to juggle my working life in earnest- developing deeper coaching skills and enjoying work in one to one and the business world. Working to help transform others’ lives, whether part of a six-month engagement or a three hours 360 coaching debrief. I began to look towards improving my health.

I took a test for PTSD, as discussed during my own coaching, and then accessed support. Later in the same year I attended the course ‘The Lightning Process’ and recovered from many severe symptoms associated with Fibromyalgia. I got a dog. I began to walk further than I thought would ever be possible.

Much of this occurred during COVID. I delved deeper into my mindfulness practice and through the work particularly of Rick Hanson and Tara Brach and support of my supervisor Damion Wonfor of Catalyst 14 I deepened my practice.

Then there’s my career as a budding writer and author…well that’s another story for another day and indeed another LinkedIn page (check out Neil Lawrence, writer.)

Conclusion? We really are extremely adaptable and resourceful creatures if given the chances to be so. I am truly grateful for the compassion, care and skill I found in being able to coach myself into this current version of my life. I am deeply affected by the wider context we are living in of course, but the skills I developed after the NDA out of Education continues to serve and help me develop ways of thinking about the size of our global strife.

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