Come on up for The Rising: How Bruce Springsteen Shaped My Business Sense.

Bruce Springsteen, despite being 70, is in the limelight. A book, a film, a successful Broadway show and a new album.  But despite over 40 years of stardom he has never strayed too far from his roots. He takes it upon himself to speak up for the massive inequalities within a country that prides itself on being ‘the land of the free.’ This particularly hits home right now. We are a society divided. 

But it’s not just the music. Springsteen’s dogged insistence on telling the truth about those suffering without voice has served as an inspiration in the shaping of my business ideology. And as someone who lives with mental and physical ill health, he has enabled me to find compassion.

 ‘Tell me friend could you ask for anything more.’ 

In the song ‘The Wrestler’ Bruce sings about an ageing man losing his ability and talent. He describes the mental torture of a guy shunned by society.  These are also sentiments found in a toxic workplace. I offer consultancy that can help build more humane working systems and structures.

In his autobiography, Springsteen has opened up about his own lifelong struggles with deep depression and its origin within his family unit.  He writes about the job of forming a relationship with his father and the painful process of finding compassion for a very difficult man. There are heartless dynamics in some workplaces that work in a smilier way.  As a Life coach and Organisational Consultant, I know that ‘bottom line’ can kill forgiveness and compassion. So, I want my consultancy to increase workplace productivity through employee engagement.

I feel gratitude towards Bruce. He reminds me it is possible to live quietly; that through a humble and thoughtful existence we can move forward. And if I can bring a modicum of that philosophy into my working life, I couldn’t ask for anything more.

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