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Personal & Business Coaching

Personal & Business Coaching

What Will It Cost?

One off Session £250

12 Week ‘Get The Project Finished!’ coaching package (Four coaching sessions, plus accountability ‘pit stops’ with tools to help you get that important project finished) £1,500

6 Months Package (One session a month up to 90 minutes + a phone check in a month) . £995 as a one off payment or £185 a month

5 Stages of Coaching

First: Asking ‘What goals do I want to address?’

The coach helps you look at your life and supports you in working out evidence for the goals you want to achieve. 

Second: Focussing on what matters and connecting to your purpose.

In each session you need to have an ideal outcome in mind.

Third: Collecting tools, experimenting with them as ‘take home’ and seeing what sticks.

Sometimes the coach will offer a tool. If it appeals, you can trial it as ‘take home.’ At the start of the next session there will be an opportunity to give feedback about its level of effectiveness. With individuals this might include discovering core values, in business it might be coaching to a 360 report.

Fourth: Seeing what works, changing what doesn’t, and gathering success.

As you work on different issues and try out new tools, you will build self-awareness and see an increased capacity for success. With the help of the coach, you will have an opportunity to learn new ways of reframing the world.

Fifth: Reviewing, checking achievement, asking ‘what’s next?’ 

In the review session you will measure the level of goal achievement  and rate your satisfaction. Then you can formulate what happens next and the sky, as the cliché goes, is the limit! The joy of coaching is that it is a reflective, positive, flexible, and creative process and that is why satisfied clients love it.

Coaching supports you identify your life and/or professional goals. Once identified, coaching can help you achieve greater self-awareness, improved self-management skills and increased self-efficacy. It is a collaborative, conversation-based process, which builds on your existing strengths. It is often focused on supporting you make change.

Sessions may be quite structured and follow a specific model (I and to use tGROW), or integrate more than one model, along with elements of therapeutic approaches such as CBT and Positive Psychology.

For a more in depth discussion of how coaching works I have written an article for Welldoing.Org available here


Wiser Self is a course to raise confidence break through barriers and reach for the sky, increase aspiration and improve communications skills. To find out more follow this link

Think Difference Consultancy specialise in the setting up and auditing of ethical workplace systems and wellbeing practice. A strong focus of our work is to enable workplaces to embrace neurodiversity.

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