Chris: Freeing the Past
Chris: Freeing the Past

Chris: Freeing the Past

Chris came to coaching with the intention of identifying and improving difficult areas of his life. He knew the issues he wanted to tackle. 

Firstly, he wanted to overcome long-standing barriers that prevented him getting on professionally. Secondly, he wanted to put a new plan in place. Thirdly, he wanted to get to where he had always wanted to be. 

He broke down the steps to achievement

He started with the desire for self-improvement. He formulated goals about his career and planned for the challenges connected to them. 

In our sessions Chris looked at how negative past experiences at work were impacting  him in the here and now. He saw how those incidents had burned him. He reconnected to who he wanted to be when he was growing up and the things he had wanted to achieve then. By getting in touch with that ambition, he was able to reconnect with his wishes in the present. 

The tool he found most effective was a visualisation exercise. It helped him see he could grow in confidence professionally. It also reengaged him with the desire to taking responsibility.  He recognised how the setbacks from years ago had stopped him thinking about his future. 

He decided that self-development would be the key to his future. He sought the motivation to find it, and to be better at it. 

Chris wanted to overcome his challenges. He wanted to escape the feeling of stuckness and catapult himself forward and relaunch his career trajectory upward.  He also wanted to be confident and comfortable with new challenging situations. He wanted to be confident seeking outcomes that were good for him. 

Stage 1– He acknowledged the ‘stuckness.’ Chris realised he’d squashed his aspirations and hopes because he didn’t want to get hurt, feel like a failure, and feel challenged.

Having identified the obstacles, Chris sought out new solutions. He said coaching made a huge difference, that in the coaching space he could feel truly heard and understood. He found being coached by someone who understood the context of his experience, who empathised with his thoughts and feelings, invaluable. He said it was immensely helpful to talk with someone who understood how the Social Services operated.  It was like standing shoulder to shoulder as they listened to him, and he felt noticed as a result. It made him feel like he wasn’t alone. Got him thinking ‘I can make progress.’

Stage two – Chris began to think about how he would like to look. He began to ask, ‘What do I want to see in the future?’ The answer was: to improve through clear goals, achievable targets, and liberating aspirations. This was the most difficult part of the journey for him. “I had to visualise who I wanted to be,” he said.

Stage three – This stage was all about implementation. It was about Chris taking the action he needed, specifically putting himself forward for promotional opportunities. To do this he needed to be open to those possibilities. He used his deeper knowledge from years working for the social services to help him grow. As a result, he decided to specialise in supporting staff and becoming a leader. To do this he had to strengthen his confidence.  

After finishing coaching Chris has noticed other benefits from the process: 

Firstly, he is now more confident and a lot clearer about his working life. He is more confident in managing up, speaking out in meetings, and holding on to expectations of himself whilst responding to pressure from others. 

Secondly, coaching taught him to be emotionally and mentally fitter.


At the start of the coaching process Chris did not know what to expect from the experience but ended up surpassing his wildest dreams and paving the way toward a better future.  He says the most crucial change has been developing his confidence. This in turn has led to a growing self-belief that steers his future. 

Overall, Chris has shifted to owning his progress. He feels in control on a day-to-day basis, aware of his strengths and has achieved a significant promotion as a result. He says, “I’m ready to give one hundred percent.”


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