Be More Available But Choose What You Do Wisely

The Issue With Time

“Not enough time,” is a mantra  I hear myself mutter as if there are not 86400 seconds in a day. In addition the rolling tide of lockdown can easily skew perception of available time. 

When we are caught in the headlights we freeze to the spot. We  stand still – time does not.

What Are We Doing?

Many of us have spent the last year referring to the ’normal’ – things that we depend on every day . If there is one thing the pandemic has shown us it is there are no absolutes. If life is not static then the good news is there are many opportunity for growth.

What Might We Do?

The first thing we can do is answer the mantra ‘I haven’t got time’ with ‘time for what?’  We squander seconds  only when what we do isn’t serving our greater good and indeed the greater good of those around us.  COVID has revealed the dirty little secret that….we are mortal, life has an end point. Many of us will have already lost loved ones or seen the lives of those around us shortened, or even had our own lives threatened. So these 86400 seconds are an absolute  daily gift . How can we use them? When  possibilities open up, results can be exciting. 

The Way Forward 

Instead of thinking of what is not done, engage with what we are doing  Look for the things that improve the quality of our lives and work. Pursue the leads that offer mutually beneficial outcomes. And every day congratulate ourselves for being useful and look forward to the 86400 seconds  available the next day, so  we make a difference all over again. 

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