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About Me

About Me

|Helping Outsider Creatives Love Difference and Confidently Finish What They Start | Group & 1:1 Sessions and ‘Touch Base’ Calls | Monthly | Zoom and Phone

Are you an outsider or busy creative?

Do you feel frustrated by assumptions made about you?

Do you have a fear of finishing?

Are you looking to achieve on your terms?

My name is Neil Lawrence and I help others who feel different become confident.

I help them finish those jobs they get stuck on, and enable them to start working on their life’s ambitions.

  • Sometimes its a qualification.
  • Sometimes its a new career.
  • Sometimes it’s preparing for an interview.
  • Sometimes it’s entering a new personal phase of life.
  • Sometimes its getting a novel or an exhibition ready to deadline..

By talking and working with me I give the tools and provide the right questions to help transform.

 I empower outsiders and busy creatives to embrace difference and to build strength by offering accountability.  

I am an accredited transformational coach, mindfulness practitioner, a wellbeing expert, and a fiction writer. 

I work in both the public and private sector. 

I am warm, reliable, reflective, and committed

I have worked with writers, architects, animators, playwriters and artists.

I believe our lives get more exciting when we take ownership for difficulty and develop new skills to add to the ones we already have.

I have much experience in working with neurodivergence, LGBTQIA + community and those with already diagnosed and treated chronic conditions such as Fibromyalgia and PTSD. 

I came to coaching after 25 years as a wellbeing expert in the field of education. 

After experiencing severe burn out that left me with PTSD I started helping others realise who they really are and began to offer support for them in getting what they really want to achieve done!

I have a deep understanding of being an outsider- I am gay and live with fibromyalgia, a fact that many of my clients have found helpful.

I am also a creative – I am a published fiction writer working currently on a novel.

My key areas of expertise are grief, burnout, career choice, leadership, and resilience. 

Gene came to me when his business was about to close.

Previous to this he had a toxic and damaging experience of working for the public sector. 

He was also a musician and aspiring writer.

He came to coaching wanting to improve confidence and find a new direction for work.

We worked on the unfair and negative stories he often told himself like ‘I fail my family and myself.’

Gene left coaching feeling confident and ready to take on the next challenge.

He said:

“I received insights into some of the formative influences on my thought processes…Neil’s ability to gently but relentlessly guide whilst never pushing was challenging but never too challenging…

Message me today to start a conversation.

If you would like more information please contact me through neil@lifecoach-london.com

You can also contact me on 07940 563425.

I look forward to hearing from you.