A-Z of Ethical Communication in Education: T is for Trauma

Many of us carry the effects of trauma in our lives. In the course of the last twelve months the number of us effected has increased due to the pandemic. As we begin 2021 it might be well to keep in our minds that many of us our living or surviving trauma. These can be as a result of incidents in our outside lives of or as a result of relentless bullying in the workplace. 

 I am one of those people. As a result of incidents in my childhood and adolescence, I started work at the age of 21 susceptible to being affected. I was unfortunate enough to experience a large number of interactions with managers and leaders that created a permanent state of anxiety eventually developing into PTSD.

The good news is this is no more. Having removed myself from those environments I have successful completed CBT treatment. As long as I do my exercises daily, I can live a confident and fulfilling life. 

We can help those we work with to a safe and confident experience. We can also take the time to make sure our interactions carry neutral charge, do not devalue them and ensure our communications carry positive thoughts.

Also, we can be slower to judge and quicker to support (which may include giving a person space). In this way we can keep the work environment conducive to buoyant wellbeing. 

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