A-Z of Ethical Communication in Education: J is for Justice

Justice in Education is ethical communication that prioritises:

  1. Equality of Opportunity for all, that understands difference, that recognises the misuse of ‘political correctness,’ to silence individuals, that celebrates progression even where that includes the questioning of the institution itself. Equality includes but is not limited to class, race, culture, religion, gender choice, ability.
  2. The fighting of Non Disclosure Agreements and puts pressure on those establishments using them to bully and silence staff. It is a system that recognises the covering up of immoral behaviour as ethically wrong and recognises it should be illegal.
  3. the use of safeguarding processes to protect young people ONLY rather than an overused trigger to discipline staff or introduce capability.
  4. Respect for all rather than lazy reliance on hierarchy to support decisions made.
  5. Admitting fault where and makes reparation gracefully where needed.
  6. The ending of the current cynical Mcbusiness model where cynical methods are used to self perpetuating success for their brand at the expense of those working ‘for’ them – pupils and staff.
  7. Compassion, truth and deep listening over duplicity, corruption and belligerent disrespect.

Have a happy half term break. Neil x

Photo Logan Weaver courtesy of Unsplash

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