A-Z of Ethical Communication in Education: E is for Exclusion


To exclude – ‘deny (someone) access to a place, group, or privilege’ , ‘remove from consideration’. No-one chooses to be excluded but can respond in numerous different ways if they are.

We can exclude others with body language, words, actions, language, lack of empathy, and some can take pleasure in excluding others so they themselves can feel like they belong to the ‘inclusion’ club. 

This exclusion can happen at all levels in all organisations, it takes a special type of organisational system and leadership agenda to create and maintain inclusive practice amongst Higher Ups, staff  and students alike.  

Exclusion from school is often used to eject those challenging and/or non-conformist young people, those who may be demonstrating behaviour contrary to the school rules.  Those excluded are often those who have already been excluded by society, their family, income bracket, socially or physically.  These school exclusions will have a huge impact on them for the rest of their lives.  If the excluded student is greeted in their next education setting with warmth, purpose, containment and belief then the opportunity for change in behaviour is wholly probable. Whether that is a speedy realisation of the impacts on being excluded from a place or group, or a future career path an apology and rapid return to ‘inclusion’ is possible.  However, if the new setting demonstrates that it is just a further continuation of exclusion and exclusive practice then it becomes an internalised confirmation of the inability to belong to ‘normal’ society.

In this example the exclusion is seen to be wholly the students fault due to behaviours demonstrated and not about the adults or circumstances surrounding that young person.  So to exclude them and make an example of them is an easier route than to challenge the system in the first place and look beyond the lack of consideration and exclusive practices.

No-one chooses to be excluded. 

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