A-Z of Ethical Communication in Education: E is for Emotional Toolkit

Emotional Toolkit

Following on from our ‘E is for…‘Emoting’, ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and ‘Emotional Literacy’ this week it seems fitting to round this week of with an Emotional Toolkit.  

First of all, I need to state that, we all have emotions ’Emotions just are!’ However, it is what we do with those emotions that can help or hinder and postpone our next steps

So to be angry can be a normal emotional response  to a perceived fearful situation BUT if and when we get angry we respond with for example, physical or verbal aggression, this does not solve or placate the situation…usually the opposite happens and it heightens fear and aggression not only within us but amongst us.  We are usually responding to a ‘trigger’, a stimulus, a memory of a previous difficult experience and the body responds accordingly. 

To be sad, can be a normal emotional response and can be a temporary way of dealing with a sudden loss – a slowing down of the bodies responses to absorb the information or to block the feelings. However, if feelings of sadness leave us with Negative Automatic thoughts, anxiety or isolation then the toolkit is needed pronto. 

Everyone’s Emotional Toolkit should consist of a set of strategies, tasks, activities, that we carry with us, that can support us when our emotions begin to get the better of us…The kit should include:

  • Awareness of our triggers
  • A named person or people who can support and who listen to us
  • A list of our coping strategies 
  • A diary to write our feelings down – ‘better out than in’..my gran used to say
  • Positive affirmations or reminders of what we do well
  • A plan for difficult situations
  • Humour – something to make you smile or have a laugh 
  • A music playlist
  • Acceptance  

And finally

  • A ‘cloud filled sky’ to put all those negative thoughts on and watch them float on by.

This list is not exhaustive but it is important to have one.  

Once you have your tools have a great time fixing and mending. 

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