A-Z of Ethical Communication in Education: D is for Doubt

‘A feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction’

Currently our education staff are working in this doubt filled state, in schools, on a day to day basis.  

We have all experienced uncertainty during the last 7 months during COVID and the lockdown.  With doubt about our governments decisions, health, our jobs, finance, emotional state of our young people… so many doubt filled situations. 

When government decisions have led us back into the education settings our ‘professional’ doubt about whether this is a good idea or not…has left many with feelings of anxiety, frustration, annoyance and irritation along with questions Is this going to work?; What are we doing this for?; Who’s idea was it?; Will it ever end?; These thoughts and feelings if left unanswered ultimately lead to behaviours that can create more doubt amongst staff and the young people we work with.  

Speaking with fellow professionals in recent weeks I have heard mentioned on a number of occasions that what has helped alleviate some of the doubt, has been/is honest, open communication from leadership. Enabling a space of knowingness, structure and containment to be created even amid the confusing systems and ever changing new rules.  One of a shared ‘parental’ experience that holds the child and staff in mind.  This can only be good for those who workand study in education settings.  

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