A-Z of Ethical Communication: F is for Flow

Flow is when people in the education setting have a shared sense of purpose, understanding as well as a creative, reflective and confident view of how to get ea job done. Signs of work is in flow would be playfulness, forward thinking, evidence of success at all levels, agility, compassion and radical methods being employed to aid learners. There would also be ambition from the education setting obvious for all staff. 

A place in flow is typified by deep listening to others and is a place where challenging the status quo is seen as a creative act that can be of benefit all rather than an act of sabotage that hinders a few. In flow there is evidence of grown up and inclusive behaviour practiced by Executive Headteachers, Headteachers, Leaders and middle Managers. Finally, the hierarchy itself would exist only to demarcate levels of responsibility rather than collude with disrespectful behaviour or bullying by those higher up the tree. 

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