3 Top Tips For Showing Up Strong (Potent)
3 Top Tips For Showing Up Strong (Potent)

3 Top Tips For Showing Up Strong (Potent)

As lockdown eases for the moment, and we’re released a little ‘into the wild’ it’s good to think about how we’re going to get our ‘strength on’. By staying in touch with what we truly want, and bringing some attention to what we’re experiencing, we can get back in the saddle and gallop more efficiently than ever.

STEP ONE: Imagine an eraser board on the fridge. At the top of the board is the question ‘What do you truly want today?’ Before we pick up the imaginary marker off our imaginary worktop take a moment to let all tension/adrenalin drain from our bodies, so attention is full.


Use the imaginary marker, write down the answers on the imaginary board. Don’t think too hard, just get to the imaginary writing. Now open our eyes. Spend a few minutes noting down the answers in real life.

Now we’re going to quality assure the answers that have emerged- using the body test!!!! :

 Spend a few minutes looking at each answer. 

Notice how our body responds to what we read. Does it stay calm, feel excited, want to run away?! Whatever it is, pay attention to the sensation. When we get a positive body vibe, keep the answer; for the others, get rid. We now have a list of our true wishes for the day and are ready to look at the tasks we have planned. 

STEP THREE: So now look at our jobs for the day and ask the question ‘Do I truly need to do this.’ Using our ‘true wishes’ list, leave some space for the answer to come. When the jobs align with what we truly want, we work from a position of strength and with a sense of adventure. Now proceed. 

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