3 Top Tips for Being Respectful

The experience of the last year has encouraged us to think in terms of ‘us’ and ‘them’ and absolutes of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. We often switch to this thinking when we are threatened or in crisis.  Finding a way back to respecting ourselves and others can enable us to make more informed decisions. 

TOP TIP ONE: Think of a decision that needs to be made. Ask yourself, ‘What assumptions am I making about those involved?’ and allow time for answers to emerge. 

TOP TIP TWO:  Make a note of those judgements/ assumptions/thoughts you come up with. Don’t think too hard, just get them down. Now take a long, slow breath. Spend a few minutes thinking about the facts of the situation and how you have come to the decision. Now we’re going to look at that thinking.

 Spend a few minutes looking at each assumption you have made and written down. 

Rate the level of respect given to the people involved in each assumption, with 1 being no respect and 10 being complete respect.  When you have rated each assumption notice how your mind, your emotions and your body respond. When you get a positive body, vibe tick that assumption. When you are uncomfortable with the assumption, cross it out. 

TOP TIP THREE: Now put the respectful assumptions together, and ask yourself ‘what do I truly wish to do?’ Allow a little while for the  answers to emerge. When our decisions come from a place of respect we work from a position of strength and with a sense of adventure. Now proceed.


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