3 Tips For Keeping Feet On The Ground

In times when there is less to celebrate it becomes important to keep our feet planted firmly on the ground. Through the act of remaining grounded we can keep our mind free to reflect, stay connected to others and to make wiser decisions

STEP ONE: Imagine you have a birds eye view to what you are doing. When you notice you feel caught up in panic, overthinking, anger or your brain just freezes up- stop! If you are in the middle of a conversation, take a mental pause. Take a moment to release muscles around the body that feel tight.

STEP TWO: Stop whatever you are doing!!!! Take time to escape from the triggering environment/situation if you can and focus on your breath or anything that stops you feeling grounded. Find something to concentrate on that slows down thoughts. If you cannot escape from the triggering environment/triggering situation bring attention to your breath as you remain.

STEP THREE: Do not make any decision or give answer in that moment even if pressed. Request time or allow yourself time to return to the ground. Ask yourself what answer/decision the wisest version of you would make. Then proceed. 

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