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Neil Lawrence – Transformational Coach

Life can be complicated sometimes and we need support with more than one issue.

Is this you?

If so look no further.

My name is Neil Lawrence and I’m a Transformational Coach, with experience in both life and business coaching takes a mindful approach to coaching, promoting ethical practice and positive wellbeing.

I am an accredited transformational coach, mindfulness practitioner, ethical organisational consultant, wellbeing expert and facilitator. I have particular focus with those who are living with long term term pain or fatigue conditions such as fibromyalgia or experiencing ‘burnout.’

I am a solution based coach taking a practical and empathetic approach to my work. I am committed to the development of emotional intelligence as a way to lasting development.

What I do:

I help individuals and organisations with Business, Executive and Personal Development coaching(including 360 coaching). I specialise in:

  • Executive, Business and Career Coaching (including Redundancy Coaching)
  • Leadership Development
  • Wellness, Stress, Chronic Conditions and difficult circumstances including Fibromyalgia, recovery from ‘burn out’ including living with PTSD
  • Neurodiversity including ASD
  • Resilience, Confidence and Self Esteem
  • Core values and Purpose
  • Personal Development
  • Work/life balance

Don’t wait…

If you are ready to make changes to your life and wish to find out more please contact me here

Alternatively email me at neil@lifecoach-london.com or phone me on 07940 563425

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