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Who we are

Lifecoach London support any process of change . We take a mindful approach to coaching and have an extensive knowledge of how to promote ethical practice and positive wellbeing.

We are a growing business with strong contacts who work with adults and teenagers. We have particular focus with those who are living with long term term pain or fatigue conditions such as fibromyalgia.

We strongly believe any person can improve the quality of their life, even if experiencing ‘burnout.’ Coaches can ensure clients find the appropriate focus for themselves. We bring the same level of bespoke consideration to our seminars and workshops on business ethics and wellbeing.

Lifecoach London is a solution based business taking a practical and empathetic approach to work. We our committed to the development of emotional intelligence as a way to lasting development.Learn More

What we do:

We help individuals and organisations progress in the areas of: Personal Development
Transformation and Transition
Improving communication and self expression
Emotional Intelligence
Moving Careers
Becoming the best version of…
Living by your core values
Developing Compassion
Understanding and Respecting Others Learn More

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