A-Z of Ethical Communication in Education: G is for Generosity


‘the quality of being kind and generous’.

Generosity does not have to be financial nor compensatory.  Nor does it need to be recognised overtly in order for it to have purpose or meaning.  Although it is nice to do so.   In education settings many give their time and talents generously thinking little about the cost to themselves.  The system is built on this generosity and would soon disassemble if this was not a central focus.  We speak of generosity of spirit, the ability to share ones gifts and talents without the need for recompense.  Young people soon come to realise when generous attempts are stripped of their quality.   Kindness is not expensive and reaps its own rewards.

My good friends and colleagues in LCL have shown me such generosity and kindness over the last two years whilst developing and working on  projects together.  This generosity of spirit, knowledge, appreciation, spills out into our txt messages, phone calls, zoom meet ups and emails.  A generous helping of real support, a charitable space to enable each other is a fundamental part of who we are.   In my experience such generosity is highly unusual and I feel so blessed to have such colleagues and friends where this kindness abounds.  

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